miiiCasa is a home storage share center that comes with your D-Link DWR-117 wireless router. Connect any USB flash drive or external hard drive to the DWR-117 to store and manage all your files with miiiCasa in it. Whether you are home or traveling on the road, miiiCasa enables you to easily browse photos, listen to music, download documents, and view videos!! You can even share them with your family and friends so they can join the fun! * Find out more
Experience miiiCasa now with our online demo tour!
Add more storage space as you desire and break free from cloud storage’s space limitation or security hassles!

Easily and quickly access files on your hard drive at home via your miiiCasa and DWR-117 anywhere, anytime!

Requires no setup at all. Simply open your browser and miiiCasa is ready to go. No need to install, download, and set up any server, e.g. FTP.